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Nut Squeeze

Look at the size of that stud’s hands! No way those pathetic boy nuts stand a chance.

Future Wrestling Australia: Mr. Juicy vs. Sam Osborne

That brutal blow to his land down under demands an apology to the missus… damn. That heel could learn my twins a deserved lesson with a ruthless rack like that. Link to match

Studly Sacks

Damn! Can’t help but be drawn to those handsome sets of babymakers. Don’t worry – you’ll get a good whiff of the boys when he makes your beta ass kiss ‘em.

Al Snow's Ball-on-Ball Assault

Beefy Big Show can sure tip the scales… but Al Snow knows that 400-pound Paul’s weighty eggs are no match for the 16 lb. bowling ball. Al sends the wrecker into Big Show’s nutsack with full force, squashing his poor nuggets flat! He gasps with shockwaves of pain as the sperm in his hot and thick two-ball compound is obliterated! Our big guy will be shooting blanks for a good while!

The "One-Nut Wonder"

Poor kid gets a gut-wrenching blow to his tender spuds… from one man to another, with the kid about to hurl, he knows his nut butter has turned sterile early – call him “One-Nut Wonder!” This is how a man establishes his dominance… straight shots to the family jewels!