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Mr. Anderson's Plums Get Pulped

Mr. (Ken) Anderson has cultured an image of masculinity with his dad bod, and his boys have got an attitude to show it! Blue Chub and Fat Lefty say hello. But even when you can't see them, Mr. Anderson's babymakers are hard at work to pump out the cockiness a man needs. You can smell how proud the Anderson twins are of their owner right through his jeans. The boys are flexin' up and down hard with that shirt on. But hold up -- meet American hero Kurt Angle. Having been in the Olympics, this stud knows  manhood, and you can a sense of this alpha-type in his demeanor. "Yeah man, I get in the ring to clap sacks." Well, Mr. Angle, why won't you show us how it's done? Towards the end of TNA Lockdown 2010, Kurt finishes business by choking out poor Anderson. As he struggles to get out of the brute's grip, we get another good peek at his sack. Big balls call for big punishment. After Anderson gives in, Kurt gi