Jonny Firestorm Claps Calvin Haynes' Nuts

I didn't use to be Jonny Firestorm's biggest fan, but one day, a switch flipped in my brain. His testosterone-driven cockiness is one thing, but brutal manhood humiliation is certainly the cherry on top for me.

In Hunkbash 18, Jonny Firestorm hunkbashes handsome Calvin Haynes... but who wouldn't want to show up a cutie like Calvin?

I suppose the only thing Jonny should do, with an opportunity like that, is tweak those nuts!

And a nice schoolboy pin ends it all.

Shane Thorne's Fat Swingers

Shane Thorne draws some good attention to those steel-weight swingers of his. He plays the game like he made it -- and thirsty eyes are lining up for those big babe magnets. One whiff of those hard workers, and next thing you know, you'll be lunging at those fat nuts like a squirrel finding its last meal.

But, as we all know, huge sacks can be huge liabilities. We see Scott Lost plays Shane's two buddies against him when he knocks Shane off balance. With huge taters like his, there's no stopping the turnbuckle from inflicting its HARD, blunt-force love to each of Shane's two testes, each left erupting in pain as his 225 lb. frame leaves the poor boys crushed under his weight. Sorry Shane, but it's hard not to get some hard wood when a stud like you gets his babymakers got good...

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If one thing is for certain, though, you shouldn't have an egg size contest with this Aussie stud. He'll brutally humiliate your manhood when just one of his big kahun…

MSWA: Sam Stackhouse vs. CJ Ward

CJ Ward gets an unexpected bag check from Sam Stackhouse. Update on the score: Big Fat Bully - 1, Boy Balls - 0. Face says it all. But who wouldn't want to target a big bulge like that?

Watch Your Back

Two studs are fighting each other... but as one wrestler turns around to distract the ref, his arch-nemesis drives his wieldy boot into the dude's huge orbs with a sadistic laugh. "If I were in front of you, I would kick your nuts so hard you would cry!"

The Bro Cup Check

"Damn, you're not wearing a cup? You're lucky I'm not actually fighting you, 'cause I'd clock those nuggets so hard that you'd be seeing stars bigger than your tattoos."

CWS: Jaxson James vs. Brady Pierce

Jaxson James is a country stud worth drooling over... but like many other wrestlers, his ruggedness won't help his ball strength one bit.

JPWA #141: Kurtastrophe vs. The Murph

An oldie but goodie... cocky stud gets his pride and joy put in its place. But man, with legs spread like that, his sack was practically begging to be targeted. Bet his girlfriend wasn't too happy that night...