Cody Rhodes and the Big-Ass Nut Crusher

Take a look and tell me what you see... I see handsome Dashing Cody Rhodes, serving up a hot bod with some nice bulge.

Handsome Dashing Cody Rhodes

I mean, look at those man eggs! I wonder if they're harder to crack than real ones...

Cody's bulge in blue
Cody's bulge in purple

Maybe Cody's junk has met its match. Big Show's pouch may not look huge all the time, but there's no question his sperm factories worked overtime to make him the massive man he is. He just reeks of testosterone.

Big Show bulging in the corner of the ring
Big Show's bulge up close
Big Show manspreading

Our man Big Show can learn Cody a lesson, but he isn't so masterful with his moves... he's more of a... brute force type guy. He sets Cody up for a gut bust in the corner, but his slight lack of grace sent his meaty right thigh swiftly between Cody's legs.

I don't think Cody's balls can take this kind of bangin'... but Big Show left the boys no choice. After all, it's not like Big Show is gonna stop and cry about busting some stud's weak nuts.

Let's feel that ball-achingly good pain a little slower...

You can just see the shockwaves of pain shoot through Cody's face as his spunk factories get crushed by a gorilla thigh, rushing from trying to get out of the gut bust to damage control after just one blow. That blow sure took his breath away!

Big Show doesn't stop there though. Unaware of the manhood humiliation he's inflicting, he rams his massive ass into Cody's two more times with some nice balls-to-ass contact. Third time's the charm, and Cody is left coiling in the corner. Here's the full gut bust if you'd like to see it:

Cody has some nice nuts in that pouch that will make you drool, but make no mistake... if it looks like a nut, bulges like a nut, bounces like a nut, and fuels manliness and cockiness like a nut, you bet your ass you can bust it like a nut too -- and Big Show sure busted them good. Cody might not think so, but I'd like to think that able to say "Big Show crushed my nuts with his ass once" is a pretty hot bragging right!


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