Defenseless Nuts

Damien Rush wishes this was a piledriver. Hung upside down at the gut, he braces himself at the dude's knees, just to feel a growing bulge against his back... he's yet to realize that his perky balls are perfectly perched on his taint, wide open for some good manhandling. Suddenly, Damien finds himself howling in pain as a bully decides to mess with his ability to have kids. "Ha, who knew it'd be this easy to get a dude singing soprano?"

Damien tries so hard to bring his voice back down 3 octaves to stop embarrassing the hell out of his manhood, but the bully's relentless squeezing, squashing, and kneading of his spunk bunkers sends his sperm soldiers overboard. Now, he's left at the mercy of two dudes who will never let him forget this moment once they let him go.


  1. I wish he had a good grip on mine repeatedly


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