Staple Guns Punch Harder Than Fists

You heard it right... staple guns... not quite the nut punch you expect. But first, let's meet the dudes in the ring.

Tyson Dux (Tyson Moody) has been in the wrestling scene for over 20 years, but he's still got spunk like the day he started wrestling at 18.

Aging like fine wine.

Of course, we gotta see what we're workin' with...

Plump taters make for an easy target.

But Tyson's got trouble today -- Jimmy Havoc...

Let's see how Tyson fares. First step... give the boys a feel for what's comin'.

Ooh... Jimmy Havoc goes right for the money shot!

Getting sacked in the ballbag has Dux weak at the knees to protect the jewels, but boy, if he knew what was coming, he'd clutch those pearls tighter. Though the pain on his face is already super hot!

But, of course, we can't keep going without some more dirty tricks...

Here's a common theme that'll carry on: Even the smallest of objects can cause a world of pain.

But now, for the part you came for...

Damn, Tyson wants to see it too? Maybe there is some pleasure in the pain... ;)

Jimmy goes in for the kill, blasting Tyson right in each nut.
"Oh... fuck... FUCK!"

A shot like that could be called extreme ballbusting... but you could also just call it birth control. With his legs spread wide,  it was too easy not to go for those defenseless babymakers. With waves of agony from his assaulted manhood, he fumbles out of the vulnerable position.

Here's some higher quality nut pain.

Even after a haphazard scrotum piercing, Dux breaks out of Jimmy's pin... partly to make sure his ballsack is still intact.

In the end, Dux has Jimmy tapping out... this dude's got some tough balls!

And that's a good thing, because manhood looks good on him.


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