Three Strikes, He's Out: Bruce Santee

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Wanna protect your nuts in the ring? Don't turn your back to another man.

Bruce Santee stood with his legs apart, distracted with some dude in the audience and the ref... little did he know that the real threat was coming for his pride and joy -- the manhood.

First, let's have a look at the goods...

Dude's got some nice spunk bunkers, snug in those nut huggers.

Nick Fame seizes the moment, giving Santee some nasty hits in the trunks.

Santee, immobilized by the first uppercut, stands there and cops two more doses of birth control.

Let's see that nut assault in all its glory...

Strike 1: Make the man weak at his knees
Strike 2: Crush his nuts with the power of yours
Strike 3: Knock his baby batter OUT!

The best part is when Santee acknowledges his boys got busted... bet he walked funny for a couple of days!

"Aw, Jesus Christ... Nick Fame, I really didn't wanna have kids, but I think you reassured the fact that I won't have kids..."

Let's take a look at how big those not-so-tough nuts are... at least he got some free birth control from that match! Nick Fame's even got him beat in the ball size contest... when your testicles get dwarfed like that, do you even need them?

Bruce SanteeNick Fame

So watch your back around Nick Fame... he'll send your nuts into your throat, then rub his sweaty sack on ya... gotta love a dude with pride for his manhood!


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